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What to see and do during a layover in Bergamo (BGY) Airport near Milan?

Last update: April 2019

Bergamo’s Orio al Serio Airport, located roundabout 50KM north east of Milan city center, is the third busiest in Italy and one the best spots for connecting between RyanAir flights either when travelling on business or vacations.

In today’s quick guide, i would like to share some recommendations on what to see and do nearby the Milan Bergamo airport. This should be useful for people in for a short few hour stopover or arriving into Bergamo as part of a trip in northern Italy.

As always, we’ll focus on different layover alternatives:

  • 0-4 hours stay
  • 5-8 hour stay
  • More than 8 hours stay (including overnight layovers)

Up to 5 hour layover – staying in the Airport

Our usual recommendation also applies here. If your layover in Bergamo is shorter than 5 hours, my recommendation would be to stay in the airport area.

If your layover is shorter than 2 hours, then by all means focus on going through immigration and customs (if you are coming from a non-Schengen destination) and proceed into your destination gate.

If you have a bit more time, you might be able to relax in one of the several cafes available in the Schengen concourse or shop for any required items.

5 to 8 hour layover – things to do in Bergamo

If your layover is longer than 5 hours you might be able to leave the airport and spend some time in Bergamo. In this case,  go through immigration and customs as applicable and exit towards the arrivals hall.

Before leaving the airport:

  • Consult your onward flight time table.
  • Look into the weather forecast
  • If needed, withdraw some local currency from an ATM or Change. We’d recommend roundabout 50 euros per person.
  • Consider storing your hand bag or trolley in the left luggage storage facility in the airport.

Couple of options are available for your layover:

  • Shopping in the Orio Center shopping mall, located opposite the BGY airport. This option should be considered mainly in case of shorter layovers or rainy weather.
  • Short tour of Bergamo city center.

DIY Bergamo city tour

Bus operator ATB runs the bus service into Bergamo train station and onward into the City center in roundabout 18 minutes.

Here’s a list of essentials thighs to do in Begamo city tour:

  • From the lower city (Bergamo Citta Bassa) take the funicular into the upper city (Citta Alta).
  • Then stroll the vicinity of pedestrian friendly old town square (Piazza Vechia) and look into the beautiful fountain nearby the City hall.
  • Enjoy an espresso and great Italian ice-cream in one of the many cafes and gellaterias nearby the Piazza Vechia.
  • Stroll the Via Colleoni, the main pedestrian street.
  • If time permits, tour the old city ancient walls (La Mura) and fortress (La Rocca) and enjoy the magnificent views.
  • Return to the lower city and onward to the airport.

Note: Bergamo airport is departure hall is somewhat crowded, specially in the mornings. Therefore, our recommendation is to plan for significant queuing time in RyanAir baggage drop counters as well as in the security check lanes. Therefore, i would recommend to plan on returning to the aiport no later than 1.5 hours from your flight departure time.

8 hour layover and overnight stopovers

If you have more than 8 hours, then several options are available.

  • Sightseeing in Bergamo – which we covered beforehand
  • Sightseeing in Milan
  • Sending a day in Garda Lake area. Specially recommended in the Gardaland amusement park, located roundabout an hour away from Bergamo aiport. Note that in this case, you’ll need to rent a car, as taxi fares are somewhat prohibitive and public transportation is not readily available.
  • Relax in one of the hotels nearby the airport. We had a very good time in the Airport Hotel in Baganatica, a short 10-15 minute drive from the airport by cab.

Enjoy Bergamo and safe travels 🙂

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